Smart Courses

Science courses can be more engaging than the classroom-transplanted lecture + reading + quiz paradigm. We can help train you or your team in how to use intelligent tutoring systems (such as Smart Sparrow’s Adaptive eLearning Platform) to author your own content, prototype lesson or course concepts for you, or help you adapt existing smart course content (such as the astrobiology lab course Habitable Worlds) into your classroom.

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Virtual Field Experiences

Field trips are a staple of geoscience education. But getting an entire class out to a field site can be expensive and difficult. Virtual field sites can be substituted to achieve some of the goals of a physical field site, but only if virtual field experiences are properly designed and scaffolded. We can help you develop virtual virtual field sites and activities so that they are effective in achieving your goals.

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Off-Grid Science Education

Digital science teaching resources (like sims, games, virtual field trips, and virtual reality) are often developed with the assumption that an always-on high-speed internet connection and high-end computing equipment are readily available. But this is not the reality for most people. So why should most of humanity miss out on innovative digital science pedagogies? We can help you develop novel teaching resources for off-grid digital teaching environments.

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More projects coming soon! Have other project ideas or challenging teaching environments you want us to help you tackle? Contact us!