Greenworks is a Global North-South partnership program for teaching students science and governance, diplomatic and negotiation skills, and developing effective community environmental projects.

Summer 2020 Cohort


We welcomed our first cohort of Indonesian students in summer 2020.  They worked with political science students at Arizona State University to study and resolve conflicts related to climate change and plastic pollution.

Greenworks Indonesia


Students from the Summer 2020 Cohort are currently developing an elementary school garbage can project.  Erlena, Kurniawan, and Azzahra are building upcycled garbage cans to distribute to local elementary schools to teach kids about proper waste management.  Students from the University of Khairun in Ternate will manage these trash cans, collecting food waste for composting and plastic waste for upcycling.

Spring 2021 Cohort


From March 22nd through April 22nd, two teams from Indonesia and one team from Brazil will once again join political science students at Arizona State University to study climate change, plastic pollution, and deforestation on the Zemia and Toltecan maps.

Indonesian students will continue to build on Erlena’s garbage can project, with composting and plastic upcycling expansions.  Faculty advisors, Lily and Halik, will be developing a children’s book to accompany an elementary school curriculum built around the garbage cans.

Step 1:

Propose a Community Project

Greenworks Gear - Idea

Do you live in the Global South and have an idea for a project that can transform your community’s approach to its environment?


Undergraduate student team of 3 or more, attending a university in the Global South, with a faculty advisor.

Step 2:

Complete the Curriculum

Greenworks Gears - Diplomacy

For 5 weeks starting in March, July, or October, you will:


  • Learn about basic science and governance
  • Learn about three select environmental issues
  • Develop policies for a fictional country
  • Negotiate with American students
  • Solve global diplomatic challenges
  • Make friends from around the world

Step 3:

Implement Project

Greenworks Gears - Community Action

Join an existing Greenworks project or spin up your own.  Projects can include improved data collection, community environmental projects, or improved conversations with local governance.

Greenworks will help you develop your idea, ensure it is sustainable, evaluate its progress, and (when possible) supply start-up funds.

Lev Horodyskyj

Lev Horodyskyj

Co-Lead (Science)

USA (Virgin Islands)

Tara Lennon

Tara Lennon

Co-Lead (Policy)

USA (Arizona)

Lily Ishak

Lily Ishak

In-Country Facilitator

Indonesia (North Maluku)

Halikuddin Umasangaji

Halikuddin Umasangaji

In-Country Facilitator

Indonesia (North Maluku)