Moodle. Canvas. Clickers. Intelligent Tutoring Systems. eTextbooks. If you’ve been an educator in the past decade, you’ve no doubt been bombarded by all these new education technologies (ed tech) that promise to transform what you do. But do you have the time to learn them? And which technologies are worth your time? Some may not even work in your particular setting. Others may look interesting and engaging, but don’t actually help you achieve your learning goals.

We’re here to help you sort through the ed tech field and find the best solutions for your particular setting.

Our Specialty: Smart Courses

For almost a decade, Lev Horodyskyj has worked with Smart Sparrow, a company that designs intelligent tutoring systems (ITS), to create unique adaptive science courses like Habitable Worlds. Data driven design has taken what originally started as simple classroom worksheets and transformed them into a story-driven quest to find habitable worlds and characterize them.

Try out a sample lesson to see how an ITS responds to what you do.

Stratigraphy Virtual Field Experience

Think a smart course is the right choice for you or your group? Consider a workshop to gain experience in how to design and build one!

Smart courses are a high-end solution to improving your science teaching. But it may not be the most appropriate solution if you’re working in an area that’s off the grid or bandwidth limited. We’re currently investigating unconventional ed tech approaches to deploy in more challenging educational settings. Have an idea? Let us know and we’ll investigate and see if it’s a good fit for your educational goals.

Growth Area: Low Bandwidth Science Education

Do you work in a low- or no-bandwidth classroom? We want to hear from you and develop partnerships that expand our portfolio and help you incorporate cutting edge ed tech into your classroom.

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